Rovtop 12 Pcs Reusable Sanitary Pads,Washable Cloth Menstrual Pads/Menstrual Towel,4 Size Replace with 1 Mini Portable Bag


Rovtop reusable sanitary napkins, refined 12 pieces: XL x 2, L x 4, M x 2, S x 4.The button snapped on the wing is easy to open and close. Equipped with waterproof PUL wet bag, easy to store. SKU: RMP9-JKUS001 ASIN: B088CZ373L GCID

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ASIN: B088CZ373L


  • 【Professional Sanitary Napkins】 Rovtop's reusable sanitary napkins, refined 12 pieces, divided into 4 sizes: XL x 2 (35cmx15cmx9cm), L x 4 (25.4cmx18cm), M x 2 (21cmx18cm), S x 4 (16.5 cmx15.5cm). Sanitary napkins with a length of 35 cm are suitable for women who need to absorb large flows and need protection after delivery or after surgery. According to the change of menstrual bleeding volume, users can choose another suitable size to achieve smoother use.
  • 【Excellent workmanship】 The first two sizes include 4 layers, a layer of bamboo fiber, two layers of superabsorbent microfiber and a layer of waterproof PUL outer layer to prevent leakage and overflow. In order to obtain a more breathable touch, the two smaller sizes reduce the layer of microfiber. The button snapped on the wing is easy to open and close to ensure the sanitary pad is firmly in place.
  • 【Easy operation】 Equipped with waterproof PUL wet bag, easy to store. These menstrual pads are foldable and can be wrapped and fastened in the form of small envelopes and then packed in wet bags. It has a positive effect on protecting your privacy, so it is no longer embarrassing. The zipper compartment is ideal for preventing the cushion from being lost or scattered in the bag. It is strongly recommended to wash manually because you can learn more about the body or changes.
  • 【Environmental protection, economy】 Excellent workmanship and beautiful appearance. These pads are ideal for traveling at home or outdoors during menstruation. Another benefit is that it can greatly reduce the landfill space. If you consider the earth, we can work together to make our planet green. Healthier, more economical and more environmentally friendly than disposable pads. As an ideal choice for menstrual partners, women use postpartum oversized pads or female incontinence pads.