Rovtop Cotton Pregnant Panties 6Pcs - Maternity Cotton Panties + 1Pcs Laundry Bag, Breathable Low Waist Cotton Pregnant Panties for Women


Rovtop Maternity Panty Set

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  • 【Classic style】 Maternity underwear waist is designed with classic "V" shape, widen the front and waist size, not easy to fall, perfectly fit the bumps, can support the stomach unused Stretch the Pregnant woman's belly will not put pressure on the belly. M: Belly 90-115cm, Hip 95-105cm, Weight 48-60kg.

  • 【Comfortable wear】 The underwear for pregnant women uses three-dimensional cut, anti-hip design, "V" -shaped low-waist design, incision without irritation or pressure, stay under the scar, it is very practical postpartum underwear.

  • 【Package including】 The underwear set is 6 pieces, with underwear bag for underwear. Very suitable for all stages of pregnancy, it will accompany you throughout the long pregnancy journey, making it comfortable and healthy to wear.

  • 【Soft material】 The underwear is made of pure cotton material. The high-quality antibacterial fabric is soft, comfortable and breathable. It uses low-quality pure cotton white lining, which is convenient for pregnant mothers to observe the secretions and use them more at ease.

  • 【Health and harmless】 The product has the oeko-text standard 100 certification to ensure that the product is free of formaldehyde, allergens, harmful substances, corrosive and without irritation, protecting the health of pregnant mothers and babies.