320Pcs Car Fuses, Rovtop Blade Car Fuses Kit - 160 Pcs Standard & 160 Pcs Mini Fuse Kit (2A/ 3A/ 5A/ 7.5A/ 10A/ 15A/ 20A/ 25A/ 30A/ 35A/ 40A) - with A Fuse Puller for Fuses Replacement


Total 11 specifications of car fuses:160pcs standard - 2A*10pcs, 3A*10pcs, 5A*10pcs, 7.5A*12pcs, 10A*25pcs, 15A*25pcs, 20A*18pcs, 25A*18pcs, 30A*12pcs, 35A*10pcs, 40A*10pcs; 160pcs mini - 2A*10pcs, 3A*10pcs, 5A*15pcs, 7.5A*15pcs, 10A*20pcs, 15A*20pcs, 20A

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【High-quality Material】Made of high quality zinc alloy and insulating plastic, the fuses have an accurate melting point; once there is excessive current, it can quickly cut off the power supply to protect your car parts.

【Good Compatibility】Automatic fuses assortment kit are available for most vehicles (car, truck, SUV, ATV, UTV, campers, motorcycles, etc.).

【Easy to Install】The appearance of the fuse is transparent, so that you can quickly check the fuse conditions. The top of the fuse has a color-coded plastic casing and a carved amp rating figure that you can easily identify.

【Easy to Use & Storage】Packaged with a fuse puller, make it easy to facilitate the replacement of car fuses. All fuses are packed in a plastic case to protect the blade fuses as well as to transport and store more easier.