Rovtop 4 x toilet brush, plastic, toilet brushes replacement, toilet brushes stainless steel, 7.5 x 35 x 7.5 cm Black (4 pieces)


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Rovtop toilet brush:It is an ideal cleaning tool for cleaning toilets or bathrooms. Can help inhibit the growth of bacteria, know bacteria and mold, and properly clean the smell of the toilet to prevent the spread of bacteria.

【High Quality】 Toilet brush with stainless steel handle, one-piece shape, stable carrying capacity, even strong brushes will not shake, do not worry about the brush head falling off during use.

【Powerful Decontamination】Toilet brush has fine and clean bristles, strong decontamination ability, 360 ° cleaning, no corners are allowed, easy to clean, strong adhesion, and effective cleaning of stains. 【Brush head design】. The design of the toilet brush allows the brush head to enter the toilet drain, avoiding the embarrassment of the brush head not being able to reach the floor.

【4 pieces】Package contains 4 toilet brushes, which can be replaced at any time, keep the place hygienic and clean, and have a clean environment.